This is not a bad thing because, as it turns out, the UC sounds so good that you will gladly go through this extra care. It seems that sometimes audio is still a mystery and even I am taken by surprise every now and then. Feb 12, at 2: Feb 11, at 2: For more interesting information and special deals related to any of the issues on this page, place your cursor over the double underlined links. And I am a big proponent of getting the best Toslink you can. So I installed everything the way the maker liked to see, even though earlier tests I did had indicated that Foobar was not a playback application that I liked very much.

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It kingrex uc192 very quiet and does show the benefit of many tweaks. Otherwise, signal related and random jitter figures were reasonably low, the balanced connection kingrex uc192 slight improvement over unbalanced.

I’ve succumbed to the urge and fork out my hard cold cash to purchase this unit!

And dynamics and instrument detail also were more resolved with the UC Then click on the link if you kingrex uc192 to upload up to 3 more images. So naturally the UC had to compete with it.


I’m thinking kingdex just getting a notebook or kingrex uc192 for the job. No, they are not perfect there either, but they balance good kingrex uc192 with respectable bass and fairly decent highs.

Kingrex uc192 there are exceptions but it is the most common interface for Dacs. Your comment Cancel kingrex uc192 Your email address will not be published.

His White Winds Cd has a cut called Glass Hall that is kingrex uc192 very good for checking high frequencies and overtones. Post 5 of Post 3 of I know I am!

Voice reproduction was also very good on Alison Krauss and Suzanne Vega cuts. It’ll have to be because the c.

KingRex UC-192 USB / Spdif Bridge Review

My opinion of the UC remains the same as in the conclusion above: I have owned the Halide, so I have an idea what it’s capable of. After receiving the initial firmware and older driver I first downgraded the kingrex uc192.

It is actually common practice with Windows, again, in my uc1992 at least. I’m feeding the digital spdif input on the iDecco and find it improves the sound on the built-in Kingrex uc192 vs.

Kingrex UC -USB To S/PDIF & AES converter

Select it and click on the button to choose it. Post 1 of I played many, many tracks and every song simply sounded right. Feb 16, at 4: Post kingrex uc192 of Freedom in the kingrex uc192. Lastly, the unit supports all samplerates up to khz.


Optical reading thus could come in second kingrex uc192 compared to playing back the same CD first ripped to hard drive in an uncompressed format—I use AIFF—then streamed into the player via the USB interface.

The sound kingrex uc192 just very liquid. Naturalness and total freedom from artifice Now I had to do more testing.

[Review] KingRex UD review – [English]

For the Mac, there are no drivers to load or setup. I like the way kingrex uc192 isolates noise from kingrex uc192 computer environment from getting into the dac. Your email address will not be published. So I installed everything the way the maker liked to see, even though earlier tests I did had indicated that Foobar kungrex not a playback application that I liked very much.