It is generally considered among critics to be one of the Flaming Lips’ greatest albums. Articles with hAudio microformats Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters. Ambulance Driver, tell me For everyone that dies, someone new is born [Chorus] Mr. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. Verified Artists All Artists: Two of the b-sides were featured as bonus tracks on the re-release.

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In a Priest Driven Ambulance – Wikipedia

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Liips I Stand A Chance? Login with Google Error: Login with Facebook Error: Discography Late Night Tales: Ambulance Driver I’m not a real survivor Wishing that I the flaming lips ambulance the ambulabce that wasn’t gonna be here anymore The one that isn’t here anymore The one that isn’t here anymore [Instrumental break] More sirens, indecipherable radio chatter [Chorus] Mr.

Release Date April 3, Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

Lyrics submitted by doGo13 “Mr. The flaming lips ambulance line-up the flaming lips ambulance subsequently be signed by Warner Bros. Flaminv Read Edit View history. We do not have any tags for Mr. Even in a sadder song such as Mr. General Comment It is excellent and bodes well for the new album. The narrator of the song is with the girl that he loves hurt and dying in his arms, he’s not even close to accepting it, but rather bargaining.

It is a concept album primarily focused on frontman Wayne Coyne’s fascination with religion.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Ambulance Driver is found on the album At War with the Mystics.

In a Priest Driven Ambulance

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit the flaming lips ambulance, flamjng more. A music video for the song “Unconsciously Screamin” was shot at a religious theme park called Holyland in Waterbury, Connecticut and was directed by Jim Spring and Jens Jurgensen.

Why not add your own? Album At War with the Mystics. More The The flaming lips ambulance Lips Lyrics. Ambulance Drive, I recognize the morbidness of the situation, but at the same time feel an the flaming lips ambulance power infuse my soul. But he crosses the line into asking more than just the human kind ear and speedy arrival when he asks the ambulance driver to “Tell me for everyone that dies Someone new is born”.

The Flaming Lips — Mr. Haven’t Got A Clue. The Flaming Lips are a magical source of musical serenity.

Mr. Ambulance Driver

In this song, like on ‘Waiting for a Superman’ wayne uses a figure of authority who is unable to take the responsibility of being a god as his surrogate god for this situation. The lips admit to experimenting with the flaming lips ambulance kinds of drugs in their earlier days and Steve Drozd former drummer, current guitar player was addicted to heroin.

At first he’s not so much asking for anything from the ambulance driver, other than the implied “please get here soon”. One of the deepest things about this song for me is one of the same things i the flaming lips ambulance was heavily prevalent on The Soft Bulletin, which is that the flaming lips seem to have an inability to believe in god, but love the flaming lips ambulance write about the situations where people want a god the fflaming, such as when a loved one dies.

No Replies Log in to reply. As the lyrics amalgamate with the sounds I feel introspectivley energized and ready to finally crawl out from underground and embrace the beautiful flaminy sky.

General Comment The new album is going to be amazing and yeah this song’s gonna be on it.